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Filmmaker | Video Producer & Editor


Kasey is an awarded filmmaker for her directing, producing, and acting. She has worked with TV stars Marta Kristen and Alondra Delgado, in which Marta received a Best Actress nomination at GI Film Festival - San Diego. Kasey currently has two feature films in various stages of production that she is set to produce and direct.

Video Production and Editing:

Kasey has created branded content for clients ranging from a Fortune 200 company to small businesses. She has edited a number of short films that have gone to screen at festivals, and has also created acting reels for actors who have gone on to receive auditions for principal roles on network TV. She is well versed in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. 

Kasey, Director of Photography
Kasey, GI Film Festival
Kasey, Camera Operator


(cue the line from 'Night at the Roxbury')


My mission: Have fun, spread positivity, and work hard. I aspire to surround myself in work that keeps me inspired, and a team where we can motivate, learn from, and grow one another.

My journey: I served in the Navy for 5 years as an IT, stationed in Norfolk, VA. I then used my GI Bill to pursue my passion in filmmaking and obtained my MFA degree. I can guarantee I'm the hardest worker in the room because I grew up with four siblings and, me being the youngest, I had to catch up. They always called me "DC" which meant "Don't Count", so I constantly had to prove myself, and that I could hang. I'm grateful though! That drive has never left me, so I forgive them.

After obtaining my MFA, I have since worked on numerous independent films - directing, producing, or editing. I've also used my expertise to create content for various companies, and their audiences, for their websites, Youtube channels, and other social platforms. 

Whether I am creating a team for you or crafting my vision, I'm always ready for what's next.

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Video Producing/Editing Reel

Video Producing/Editing Reel

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