"Hey, what's up?"

(cue the line from my guilty pleasure movie: "Night at the Roxbury")

Welcome to my site. I'm happy you found me! Whether you're here to scout me for a job opportunity or just check out my work, I hope this page can be a breath of fresh air to remind you to take a pause and just enjoy what we do - simply because we love it.

This page is not only to showcase the things I've done but it's also a place for me to share with you what I love to do. There is no task, or project, too big or too small. I'm always ready to learn more and be challenged. 

So, enjoy! And I'll see you around!




-Awarded "Best Indie Filmmaker" and "Best Actress" at Los Angeles Film Awards

-"Official Selection" and 2 nominations at GI Film Festival, San Diego


-Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal

-2nd place, Armed Forces Women's Basketball Championship 



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