Filmmaker | Video Producer | Actor


Kasey is an awarded filmmaker for her directing, producing, and acting. She has worked with TV stars Marta Kristen and Alondra Delgado, in which Marta received a Best Actress nomination at GI Film Festival - San Diego. Kasey currently has two feature films in various stages of production that she is set to produce and direct.

Video Production:

Kasey is an independent contractor creating branded content for a Fortune 200 company. She is well versed in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. She also takes on projects creating demo reels, trailers, and the like.


Kasey originally began her journey as an actor before moving into positions behind-the-scenes. She has a deep love for performing and bringing her unique voice to each character.



(cue the line from 'Night at the Roxbury')

Welcome to my site. I'm happy you found me! Whether you're here to scout me for a job opportunity or simply check out my work, I hope this page can be a breath of fresh air to remind you to take a pause and just enjoy what we do - simply because we love it.

This page is to not only showcase my work, but it's also a place for me to share what I love to do. There is no project too big or too small. I'm always ready to learn more and be challenged. Whether I am creating a team for you or crafting my vision, I'm ready to help out however I can. 

If you have any further questions about the services I offer, or simply have questions seeking advice about a project, I am happy to help. 

Email: kasey.k.weldon@gmail.com




  • Awarded Best Indie Filmmaker and Best Actress at Los Angeles Film Awards

  • Official Selection at Diversity in Cannes

  • Official Selection and 2 nominations at GI Film Festival, San Diego

  • Finalist in HollyShorts Screenplay competition


  • Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal

  • 2nd place, Armed Forces Women's Basketball Championship